A UN manager's never-ending puzzle

Piecing together and keeping together a well-functioning UN team in challenging duty stations is often a complex puzzle. Key pieces may be missing, when you need them the most. If you have critical gaps to fill and no easy solutions, then try out the DUNDEX option - we have a sizeable collection of puzzle pieces, and some of them may be just the right fit.

DUNDEX's unique roster

Our roster comprises over 1,650 individuals who among them have 21,500+ years of UN work experience. They (a) belong in the 32-75 year age range; (b) represent 98 different nationalities; and (c) have served in a wide variety of HQ or field positions at many different levels (from GS-5 to USG).

An attractive option for UN Managers :


DUNDEX's many 'insiders' (a) are experienced UN ex-staff – no exceptions; (b) have well-known UN track records - no surprises; (c) are ready to deploy at short notice - no foot-dragging; (d) are familiar with the UN System's culture and rules - no disorientation; (e) will invariably hit the ground running - no stumbles; and (f) are multi-culturally at ease everywhere – no rookie mistakes.

DUNDEX and 'competitive selection'

We are often asked if DUNDEX has Long-Term Agreements (LTAs) with UN agencies? The answer : yes, we do - but that is not a prerequisite for much of our work, because ...

DUNDEX's main assets

*  We know the UN well

DUNDEX's management team consists of former UN staff who (a) have served with the UN for many years both at HQ and in many field duty stations; (b) know the UN System inside out; and (c) communicate with ease in both English and French.

*  We know our people well

All our Associates are vetted carefully on entry. We know their job history and track their availability. Their affiliation with us is based on (a) an Association Agreement, (b) a Deployment Agreement, and (c) a personal commitment to adhere to the UN's norms and values at all times - and to be willing to deploy at short notice. 

*  We know what 'urgent' is

We know how to get urgent things done urgently. We have on file all necessary deployment information (e.g. passport scan, security certificates). We are allied with a very competent travel agency that can produce travel plans quickly. We offer pre-negotiated deployment insurance by Lloyd's of London -- valid for all UN duty stations and for all nationalities.

Institutional contracts

Institutional partners like DUNDEX offer hiring managers many advantages which are often under-appreciated, e.g. 

Efficient sourcing : Your searches for suitable experts are much more efficient when you deal with a large talent pool like DUNDEX - compared to you 'going door to door' based on random lists of people.

Speed : Our contracting process is very quick, because we have no 'red tape' and keep up with the rules. When it is urgent, we can move from 'first contact' to 'signed contract' in just a few days.

Quality preparations : DUNDEX handles the contract and logistics - which leaves the consultants free to focus their attention on substantive preparations.

Cost comparison : Dollar for dollar, our 'no frills' consultants are less expensive to the UN than Temporary Appointment (TA) staff with many costly staff entitlements.

Substitutions : If the expert chosen drops out unexpectedly, DUNDEX is the best available source for finding a suitable substitute at short notice.

DUNDEX's 'Quick Query' facility

This Quick Query form allows you as UN manager to explore without any 'red tape' formalities whether DUNDEX is able to identify one or more suitable candidates for particular short-term assignments in your duty station. Please submit the form below, and we will revert soonest - after a rapid roster search and a quick interest-and-availability check on our most suitable candidates. [Note : we do not 'head-hunt' for UN career positions - only for short/medium-term vacancies.]