You are eligible to join

if you are a former UN employee with at least 5 years of reputable work experience in one of our UN partner agencies, and 

if you are willing and able in principle to take on short-term deployments with UN agencies, often at short notice.

Joining DUNDEX is quick & simple :


  1. Familiarize yourself with ‘How DUNDEX Operates’.

  2. Read the DUNDEX Association Agreement (§§1-6) - can be viewed here.

  3. Read the DUNDEX Deployment Agreement (§§ 7-20) - can be viewed here.

  4. Prepare an updated free-style CV or a Personal History Form (P11).

  5. Complete and submit the DUNDEX ‘Roster Questionnaire’ below.

  6. We will respond to yuor request soonest - on a first-come first-served basis.

[ We make special efforts to safeguard all your personal information, ref. our Privacy Policy. ]

Is DUNDEX the right fit?

Free-lance consultancies, not staff jobs

Our UN agency partners use us especially to source UN-experienced candidates for shorter-term consultancies (for periods from a few weeks to six months). By contrast, no UN agency will 'outsource' to third parties like us the task of filling staff vacancies. Hence, if your key objective is to find a longer-term career job with a UN agency, DUNDEX cannot assist you. 

Deployable at short notice ??

If you are currently ‘on contract’ with a UN agency or somebody else, you are likely not 'deployable at short notice’ elsewhere. In that case, we suggest that you wait with the request to join DUNDEX until 2 months (or less) before you are truly available for new professional commitments.


Roster Questionnaire


Please upload your CV, preferably in the ‘Personal History Form’ (P.11) format
Please provide us with the name, e-mail address and functional title of three UN colleagues who know you well and have worked with you: