Have suitcase - will travel

... is a sentiment widely shared by many former UN staff. If their UN experience and professional expertise can help to strengthen the UN at a critical moment, they are ready and willing at short notice to leave for the airport and fly off to distant destinations to serve again under the blue flag.

Who can join DUNDEX?

You are eligible (a) if you are a former UN employee with at least five years of reputable working experience (as career staff or project staff, as international or national staff) and now operate, part-time or full-time, as free-lance consultant, and (b) if you are willing to accept short-term deployments in UN duty stations worldwide, often at short notice.

An attractive option for former UN staff :


DUNDEX is well equipped to help you make the not-so-easy transition from UN staff (civil servant) to UN consultant (private entrepreneur). We will (a) support your search for consultancy opportunities in the UN, (b) provide you cogent and up-to-date advice on how to operate as a UN consultant, (c) keep you abreast of current UN rules and procedures, and (d) offer you professional travel planning & flight booking support (by our travel agent) and tailor-made deployment insurance (via our insurer at Lloyd's of London).

How to join our roster

Via the 'Join DUNDEX' function at the top of this web page you can request to have your name included in our roster of former UN staff. For details, please look at 'How DUNDEX Operates' and at the wording of our Association Agreement.

Source of mutual support

DUNDEX connects hundreds of former UN staff in a mutual support network that

  • gathers 'actionable' intelligence & solid know-how on UN consultancy work;
  • monitors UN vacancy web sites closely and passes good 'hunting tips' around;
  • serves as a reliable source of 'inside' info (DSA rates, UN-DSS advisories);
  • traces & shares background material relevant to current/future deployments;
  • knows who to ask, inside or outside the UN, when we don't have the answer.

Who selects - and how?

When DUNDEX gets a UN ‘head-hunting’ request, we search through our roster for people who match the requirements and send their CVs to the requesting agency. DUNDEX is not in any way involved in the agency's selection process – we are not promoters of some 'favoured' candidates at the expense of others. We endeavour to be an honest broker, providing (a) the widest possible choice of candidates to the UN and (b) the widest possible choice of job opportunities for our Associates.

DUNDEX's IntraNet is . . .

a password-protected on-line manual for DUNDEX Associates only. It offers a wide range of practical information & planning tools relevant to consultancies in the UN, especially on how the contractual process is initiated in the agencies we work with. Beyond that, our IntraNet also offers you experience-based advice on how to 

  • negotiate a surprise-free contract,
  • prepare efficiently for field missions,
  • assess/mitigate deployment risks,
  • secure UN payments when due.

Travel planning support

We are allied with VR Travel, a reputable travel agency represented in multiple time zones. It supports us with a broad range of UN-relevant travel planning services.

Deployment insurance

We are allied with a reputable insurance broker at Lloyd's of London, offering us robust deployment insurance for all UN duty stations and for all nationalities.